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Thomas Regout B.V. pays a lot of attention towards:  

  • An effective high quality policy focused on a consistent quality level, in which the importance of satisfying the customer has priority
  • The realizing of a customer’s expectations, wishes and requirements

The quality goals are assured in the strategic plan for the long term. Additionally, in the short term, the goals are included in the operational plan. These goals are spread throughout the organisation by the department meetings. 

ISO 9001

The organisation chose a quality system that assures ISO 9001:2008. This system continuously improves the quality of the organisation in different ways.  

The environmental policy of Thomas Regout BV is applicable on all strategic, primary and supporting processes and is focussed on:   

  • Fulfilling the demands of law and other demands that are subscribed and are applicable on the environmental aspects of the activities of the company
  • To minimize the necessity of inspections of the government. To continuously improve the environmental performance 
  • To have a good relation with the neighbourhood to deal with complaints and wishes in correct way 

The main goals in the environmental policy are to reduce the use of energy as much as possible and to decrease the amount of waste.  

To achieve this: 

  • We chose an environmental management system that fulfils the requirements of the norm ISO14001
  • Improvement plans are made on a regular basis. Means for improvement will be available.
  • The social carefulness will be taken into account to prevent as much as possible environmental inconvenience

Blue leaf

The Green Directory has made its debut in the Fair Trade world. Consumers want to buy products, which stand out due to their high ecological quality and improved working conditions involved in their manufacture. Many exhibitors already offer fabrics made from ecological materials or take account of sustainability criteria in their production process. And to stimulate that, for example the Heimtextil Fair Trade has introduced this Green Directory.

A green leaf represents environmentally-friendly raw materials, a blue leaf an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and a brown leaf social aspects and transparency. Thomas Regout is very proud receiving the blue leaf because of her environmentally friendly way of producing aluminium profiles.

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